Energy efficiency delivered

The smart control of heating, cooling and ventilation loads has a big impact on the energy efficiency of buildings. Belimo sets the standard for energy efficient solutions such as low power consumption actuators, the Belimo Energy Valve™ and ball valve technology that ensures air bubble-tight closing.


Leading energy efficiency

Belimo damper actuators and valves consume up to 80% less energy. Efficiency thanks to the patented brushless DC motor technology equipped with dynamic holding force detection.

Butterfly Valves

Energy savings you can see

The Belimo Energy Valve™ provides transparent energy monitoring while maintaining high Delta-T (differential temperature). Automatically reports show actual and historical performance data, recommending further potential for energy savings.

Multifunctional Belimo Energy Valve™

Efficient in every way

Our unique self-cleaning and air bubble-tight ball valve technology prevents circulation losses in hydronic systems, having a major impact on reducing wasted energy.

Room & Zone Solutions

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