More than just an actuator

On request, we can adapt the cable length and type to your needs. To minimise your effort, we deliver our actuators pre-assembled and ready for installation on-site. We can also provide your custom cable with wire end ferrules and/or equip it with the connector plug of your choice. This makes cabling and connection errors a thing of the past. If desired, we can also take care of the parametrisation for you. This greatly simplifies assembly and commissioning on the construction site and offers you a plug-and-play solution.


Custom cable and connector plug solutions (E-Paper)


Your pre-mounted and tested assembly

“Doing everything possible to simplify installation work on the construction site, shorten construction time and prevent possible errors from the very start” – that is why Belimo prefabricates complete pre-mounted assemblies according to our customers’ requirements, tests them and, if desired, parametrises them. This results in ready-made assemblies that can be installed directly on the construction site. On-site construction tasks like cutting pipes to length, cutting threads, and assembling pipe parts, connecting parts, actuators, valves, sensors and much more are now a thing of the past.


Custom assembly solutions (E-Paper)


Flexible installation

If the dimensions of the assembly and especially the pipelines cannot be determined exactly, then we can provide you with flexible pipelines. This means that you will always have the right part for every installation, even if the conditions on the construction site vary.


Custom, flexible solutions (E-Paper)




More than just pipes and components

Save time and money – order your component with insulation. The assembly shown on the right, with a Belimo 6-way valve and additional flow sensor, was additionally provided with insulation at the factory. Unwanted heat radiation, condensation and on-site installation time are thus reduced to a minimum.


Custom insulation (E-Paper)




Outstanding protection

The continuous expansion of our services enables a wide range of diverse projects. The globe valve shown in the picture was coated according to DIN EN ISO 12944-C4. We can also offer assistance with products that have had silicone residues removed.


Custom coatings (E-Paper)




Parametrisation of HVAC performance devices

Leave preparations for commissioning your HVAC performance device to us and minimise the time needed for commissioning and possible sources of error on-site. In the picture shown, for example, for our Belimo Energy Valve™.


Custom parametrisation (E-Paper)


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